As a diverse team of professionals we work with patients of all ages, from preschool, children, adolescents, students, adults and the elderly. Please refer to each therapist for more information on their focus areas.
Pauli Geldenhuis, our Counselling Psychologist and Trauma Psychotherapist.

Pauli Geldenhuis

Counselling Psychologist and Trauma Psychotherapist | Founder of Paardevlei Therapy Centre

Areas of focus include: 
dults and Adolescents | Trainer | Supervisor & Group facilitator | Trauma including C-PTSD, PTSD, ACE [Trauma in early childhood] | Grief and Bereavement | Depression & Anxiety

Tools in her toolkit include:
– Somatic Experiencing – SE®
– Brain Working Recursive Therapy – BWRT® Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 Psychobiology and Abolishing Anxiety
– Tension and Trauma Release Exercises – TRE®
– Eye Movement Integration – EMI®
– Solution Focused Therapy – SFT®
– Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – CBT®
– Dialectical Behaviour Therapy – DBT®
– Trauma & Attachment Therapy – TAT®

Pauli is one of the Psychologists at Paardevlei Therapy Centre. Her exposure to the effect of Trauma and PTSD came early in her career when she worked in the SAP and Military. She has dedicated her career to working with Trauma as part of a Multi-Disciplinary team in Private Practice. She has extensive training in the field of body-mind based Psychotherapy and received her Body-Mind based Trauma training internationally through institutes in both the USA as well as Europe. Her daily task as Psychotherapist is to apply the tools in her toolkit in dealing with the psychological challenges that her clients bring to therapy. Her expert toolkit includes the highest level in Hypnotherapy, Somatic Experiencing (SE®), Eye-Movement-Integration (EMI®), Trauma and Tension Release Exercises (TRE®), Solution Focused Therapy (SFT®), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT®) and Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BWRT®). She definitely has a deep interest and understanding of the body and mind in therapy.

Her work ethic is governed by the safety, sacredness and connection of the Therapeutic Relationship where therapist and client work as a team to explore ways of healing both on an interpersonal but also an intrapersonal level. Inside Out and Bottom Up is what she would say.

Being the visionary of PTC we call her our innovator and source of inspiration. On a more personal note Pauli is married for close to 30 years and has 3 extraordinary kids, Xanel, Paul and Lara. Pauli lives on a farm at the foot of the Helderberg mountain. She can be described as a nature loving Pilgrim as she has already done many Caminos and Pilgrimages both in Europe and South Africa. She is already planning her next 2 Pilgrimages in Ireland and Australia. You only live once, make it count.

Maria Cloete

Clinical Psychologist and Trauma Psychotherapist

Areas of focus include: 
Trauma | PTSD, C-PTSD, ACE | Mood Disorders | Anxiety Disorders | Addictions | Eating Disorders | Adjustment Problems | Relationship Problems | Identity/ Self-Worth issues | Stress Management/lifestyle | Mindfulness/Spiritual Trauma | Personal Development

Tools in her toolkit include:
– Eye Movement Integration (EMI®)
– Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BWRT®)
– Trauma and Tension Releasing Exercises (TRE®)
– Ego State Therapy
– Resource Therapy

Maria is a Clinical Psychologist who provides individual therapy to adults and students. Prior to joining our team, she worked for the Department of Defence for ten years, helping military families including young children, teenagers, adults and the elderly. During this time, she became interested in the field of trauma work – specifically Acute Stress Reactions and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

PTSD is not only experienced in the line of duty, but also in everyday South African life with events like car hi-jackings, theft, bullying, physical and sexual assaults, medical trauma related to physical accidents, operations and illnesses, and developmental trauma such as childhood neglect and emotional abuse. She understands the impact of trauma and chronic stress on the body and mental health, and the correlation with many mood and anxiety disorders and physical illnesses. 

Maria follows a systemic, integrative approach to therapy, drawing on her initial training in traditional psychotherapies such as the psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioural and person-centred approaches, and supplementing them with more recent, innovative and rapid transformative modalities in which she has completed her training.

She completed a Masters in Clinical Psychology and Community Counselling at Stellenbosch University, as well as a Bachelors in Psychology degree. She also completed a Social Work major (degree equivalent) which has given her an added understanding of the systemic nature of relationships and the importance of social injustice and change to improve our individual and collective mental health as a country.

We call her our “multi-tasker” as she juggles work and family life with a smile on her face.

Maria enjoys spending time with her little one, savouring her husband’s cooking, walking or hiking, connecting with family and friends, music that stirs the soul, a good novel, and doing adventurous activities. 

Shaun Helders

Clinical Psychologist

Areas of focus include: 
Adults, Adolescents & Couples

Tools in his toolkit include:
– Brain Working Recursive – BWRT® L1 & L2
– Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – CBT®
– Dialectical Behaviour Therapy – DBT®

Shaun is a clinical psychologist with more than 25 years of experience working with teenagers and adults to overcome a diverse spectrum of emotional, occupational, and mental health challenges. He specialises in Mood and Anxiety disorders, Addiction, Eating Disorders and Trauma. In the corporate environment he helps to build stronger, more resilient teams and he specialises in leadership coaching.

Shaun obtained his master’s degree in clinical psychology from the University of Stellenbosch.

He most definitely takes the title for the guy with the dry humour in the team at Paardevlei Therapy Centre. It’s guaranteed to spark a good laugh and happy smiles to everyone’s faces. He has been married for over 25 years and has two adult daughters and a son in law. As a family they enjoy reading, spending time outdoors and playing with their many fur babies.

Doreen Hofmeyr

Counselling Psychologist

Areas of focus include: 
Working with Adults in the following areas: Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Phobia’s, Trauma Work, Loss and Grief Work; PTSD, Self-confidence and Assertiveness, Physical / Emotional / Sexual Abuse, Adult ADHD, Social Anxiety, Relationship Issues, Abandonment Issues, Work related Stress and Burnout, Self-esteem and insecurities, Sleep Problems, Work with Pain and Chronic Illness READ MORE

Tools in her toolkit include:
– Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BWRT®) – L1, L2 & L3
– Narrative Therapy
– Eye Movement Integration (EMI® L1 & L2)
– Resource Therapy

Doreen worked in her private practice for 22 years. Her focus and role at Paardevlei Therapy Centre will be to work with clients using Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BWRT®) on Level 1, 2 and the psychobiology of Level 3.

Doreen obtained an M.Sc. in Counselling Psychology from the University of Stellenbosch. She is trained in Narrative Therapy as well as BWRT® Level 1, Level 2, Abolishing Anxiety, BB4B and Level 3. She is also trained as a Biology teacher.

She loves working with people in a meaningful way. Doreen is most passionate about helping clients become hopeful about their futures, dreaming alongside them, validating their stories, being inquisitive about their problem-solving skills and their view on life, and supporting them as they improve their emotional well-being. We call her our “brainworker” and love the dedication and ongoing learning she invests in this super interesting field of Psychology.

Doreen has been married to her husband Nico for 36 years and they have two children. She’s a lover of animals and the natural environment. Staying actively involved in her community, traveling, entertaining, reading, cooking for friends and family, wine tasting and volunteering at a counselling centre is among many of the activities she fills her free time with.

Sollie Prinsloo

Counselling Psycologist

Areas of focus include: 
Adults & Adolescents | Children and their families | Young Adults | Elderly

Tools in his toolkit include:
– Brain Working Recursive – BWRT® (Level 1 and Level 2)
– Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – CBT®
– Dialectical Behaviour Therapy – DBT®
– Medical Hypnotherapy
– Neurophysical Enhancement Training (FET) in BWRT®

Sollie is a Counselling Psychologist with a particular interest in working with children, their families, adolescents, young adults, adults and the elderly.  The family is the basic unit of society and in order for society to be healthy, we need harmony within the home.

His role is to assist clients to deal with anger, anxiety and depression.  This can be caused by numerous past events and is often harboured for many years, causing stress and inability to function optimally.  Sometimes the underlying cause is embedded deep in the subconscious mind and he can use hypnosis or a variety of other therapies to restore the harmony.

Sollie works extensively with children and adolescents as he has vast experience in dealing with a variety of behaviours occurring in both primary and secondary school children.  This experience has been accumulated over 26 years while he was a teacher, head of department and Psychologist.  He also worked in the Psychology Services of the Education Department as a psychologist. Sollie is also responsible for assessing children for school readiness, academic and behavioural challenges (ADHD), career choices and dispensations.  Therapy and assessments can be conducted in Afrikaans and / or English. He is passionate about getting to the “root cause” of a client’s problem and am constantly reading up and researching to acquire a deeper understanding of their issue.

We call him by his full name (Salomon) as it reminds us of the wise Biblical character of King Solomon.

Sollie is  a runner and have completed 7 Comrades and 7 Two Oceans ultra- marathons. He also holds a private pilot’s licence (PPL), flying actively and established the first flying school for high school learners in Cape Town to enable learners to attain their PPL before completing Grade 12. He has also recently become a spinning/cycling enthusiast.

Sollie is a very proud father of 2 sons. His eldest son is a commercial airline pilot and his youngest son is currently completing his Honours degree in International Relations. He describes his cooking skills as “sadly lacking”, but he’s the master of dishwashing and kitchen cleaning. His favourite meals are picnics spent at the beach while watching the sunset with his loved ones.

Jomari de Beer

Clinical Psychologist

Areas of focus include: 
Adults | Adolescents | Individual Therapy | Mood Disorders (Depression and Bipolar) | Trauma and PTSD | Anxiety Disorders| Adjustment Problems | Phase of Life Challenges | Personal Growth and Development | Stress Management | Self Esteem and Identity Problems | Interpersonal Problems

Tools in her toolkit include:
– Brain Working Recursive Therapy – BWRT® Level 1
– Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – CBT®
– Dialectical Behaviour Therapy – DBT®
Resource Therapy
– Eye Movement Integration – EMI® Level 1, Level 2
– Tension and Trauma Release Exercises – TRE® (currently in training)

Jomari de Beer is a clinical psychologist who is passionate about providing individual therapy to adults, students, and adolescents. She does therapy the same way she does life – wholeheartedly.

Jomari approaches therapy from an integrative and holistic perspective, with a person-centred stance. She believes an authentic therapeutic relationship rooted in empathy and understanding is the basis of therapy. She provides the client with a safe space in which they feel understood, supported, and accepted as they collaboratively work together to address the presenting problems. She aims to thoroughly understand the client’s unique needs, background, and goals for therapy. This guides which psychological modalities and interventions are used integratively during the therapy process to provide the most effective assistance and treatment. Jomari enjoys working integratively as this enables her and the client to address their challenges on several, equally important levels: emotionally; cognitively; behaviourally; and somatically.

Jomari finds great joy and meaning in her work and is fascinated by the complexities and resilience of humans. It is a privilege to be a witness not only to the stories of others, but also to the courage it takes to be vulnerable enough to share these stories.

Outside of the office, you will rarely find Jomari sitting still. Her love of nature, new experiences, food, and interesting and beautiful things means that she is usually either on an adventure of sorts, or planning the next one. She enjoys being creative and reading books. The only thing she is more passionate about than psychology is traveling and adores exploring new towns, countries, foods, cultures, and languages. The most important part of her life is her relationship with loved ones, and she has had the privilege of being married to the love of her life for almost 10 years. Her two Scottish Terriers and the coffee her husband brings her every morning can get her through any tough day!

Timo Kriel

Individual and Couples Therapist

Areas of focus include: 
Mood disorders | Anxiety disorders | Relationship problems | Interpersonal problems | Assertiveness skills | Communication skills | Adjustment problems | Stress management

Tools in his toolkit include:

  • Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BWRT®)
  • Rational Emotive Therapy (RET®)
  • Behaviour Therapy
  • Person Centred Therapy
  • Reality Therapy (RT®)
  • Gestalt Therapy

Timo is a seasoned Clinical Psychologist with over 40 years experience. He started his career in the training environment of the University of Stellenbosch, both in the Faculty of Psychology and at the Medical school. Over the years, his career diverged to Organisational Psychology and beyond. In recent years, he’s found a passion for individual and couples therapy.

Timo likes to follow where curiosity leads, striving to help his clients apply their own curiosity in solving the simple puzzles and big mysteries that make up the lives of all of us. He believes that each of us has the capacity to be happy and fulfilled, both in our individual roles and as part of relationships, and especially the relationship with our primary life partners. However, sometimes complications happen and we lose track. His approach is to work as a guest partner in the therapeutic relationship, rediscovering and restoring these unique capacities together.

We call him “Doc Timo” as he exemplifies life-long learning and growth.

Timo holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Stellenbosch. He enjoys spending time with his three daughters and grandson (who has already learned to warm granddad’s heart on WhatsApp video chats). When he’s not helping clients, he loves to potter around the house, installing irrigation, security cams, treehouses and whatever grabs his fancy.

Daniëlle Malan

Industrial-Organisational Psychologist

Areas of focus include: 
Career guidance counselling | Psychometric assessments | Consulting Psychology | BWRT® for work-related traumas | Coaching

Tools in her toolkit include:
– Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BWRT®)
– Cognitive Process Profile (CPP)
– EQ-i 2.0 and EQ 360
– EQ-i 2.0 Adolescent
– TEIQue
– Personality Assessment
– Aptitude Assessment
– Interest Assessment
– Values and Motivation Assessment
– WAVE Assessment
– Integrity Assessment
– Neuro-Linguistic Programming
– Cognitive Behavioural Model
– Stress Management
– Burnout Prevention Coaching

As an I-O Psychologist and Coach, Daniëlle is passionate mental health in the workplace. She has a keen interest in helping individuals understand and develop their Emotional Intelligence (EQ). She believes that EQ has a crucial role to play in our overall capability to cope with the demands and pressures of our work and personal lives. She balances her time between seeing individuals for guidance, counselling and coaching, and helping organisations solve workplace challenges to optimise functioning and improve job satisfaction among employees – because a happy workforce is an invaluable asset to any company.

Daniëlle provides a holistic service tailored to the needs of each individual or organisation. She strives to always act with integrity, accountability, passion, relevance and professionalism. 

As a graduate of the University of Cape Town, Daniëlle holds a Bachelor of Social Science (majoring in Organisational Psychology and Psychology), a Bachelor of Social Science Honours (specialising in Organisational Psychology), and a Master in Industrial and Organisational Psychology. She is a certified BWRT® level 1 practitioner and professional Coach. She is trained and accredited to use a vast selection of renowned psychometric assessments.

We call her our “career guru” and value her role in the constant transformation and growth of PTC as a business.

Daniëlle is also the director of About Mind, an online Industrial Psychology Consultancy and USB-Ed Faculty Member. As a wife and mother, she highly values practising work-life balance. Following an active lifestyle, spending time with family and friends keeps her energised and determined to develop into the best version of herself.


Reception & Administration

Liza is the first friendly, caring and helpful face you meet entering Paardevlei therapy centre reception. She walks the extra mile to ensure practice runs smoothly and like clockwork.

Liza loves assisting people and making clients feel welcome and comfortable. We rely on her strong administrative skills as they allow our team to work even more efficiently.

We most definitely call her our “Allegiant lady”.