Psychotherapy is collaboration between a psychotherapist and a client (individual, couple, family or group) The purpose of therapy is to enter into a therapeutic journey in a safe and trusting environment where it is possible to deal with issues of a traumatic or psychological nature.

Building the inner strength and facing the trauma and distress of the past, present and anticipated future, the therapist and client are able to rewire, challenge and learn to deal with the life challenges that brought about the search for therapy.

Psychotherapy provides a safe, unbiased and confidential relationship with a trained professional to assess, understand and treat psychological distress, while also providing the opportunity to adjust and release unhealthy habits. Within a space of safety, psychotherapy can facilitate a heightened awareness and a sense of accountability that can add meaning and a sense of purpose to everyday life.

Therapist Toolkit

Jomari approaches therapy from an integrative and holistic perspective, with a person-centred stance. She believes an authentic therapeutic relationship rooted in empathy and understanding is the basis of therapy. She provides the client with a safe space in which they feel understood, supported, and accepted as they collaboratively work together to address the presenting problems. She aims to thoroughly understand the client’s unique needs, background, and goals for therapy. This guides which psychological modalities and interventions are used integratively during the therapy process to provide the most effective assistance and treatment. Jomari enjoys working integratively as this enables her and the client to address their challenges on several, equally important levels: emotionally; cognitively; behaviourally; and somatically.

Before completing her MA degree in Clinical Psychology (cum laude), Jomari also did an MA degree in Research Psychology (cum laude). Between these two Masters degrees at the North-West University, her love of working with adolescents and students blossomed while she worked at the NWU Career Centre, an NGO for children in foster care, and while she was a lecturer and student manager at a career guidance gap year program for young adults. After completing her MA Clinical Psychology degree, she worked with children, adolescents, and adults on an in-patient and out-patient basis at Sterkfontein Psychiatric Hospital and Witrand Psychiatric Hospital in Gauteng and North-West. Working with individuals and groups in the forensic, substance use, mood disorder, neurological rehabilitation and children’s wards gave her a broad range of experience and contributed to her interest in working with such a variety of mental health issues. Jomari’s move to private practice has been fulfilling and exciting as she continues to work with a variety of both in and out patients, while unceasingly seeking out world-class training in her never ending quest for growth and learning.

Tools in her toolkit include:

  • Brain Working Recursive Therapy – BWRT® Level 1
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – CBT®
  • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy – DBT®
  • Resource Therapy
  • Eye Movement Integration – EMI® Level 1, Level 2
  • Tension and Trauma Release Exercises – TRE® (currently in training)

About the Therapist

Jomari de Beer is a clinical psychologist who is passionate about providing individual therapy to adults, students, and adolescents. She does therapy the same way she does life – wholeheartedly.

Jomari finds great joy and meaning in her work and is fascinated by the complexities and resilience of humans. It is a privilege to be a witness not only to the stories of others, but also to the courage it takes to be vulnerable enough to share these stories.

Outside of the office, you will rarely find Jomari sitting still. Her love of nature, new experiences, food, and interesting and beautiful things means that she is usually either on an adventure of sorts, or planning the next one. She enjoys being creative and reading books. The only thing she is more passionate about than psychology is traveling and adores exploring new towns, countries, foods, cultures, and languages. The most important part of her life is her relationship with loved ones, and she has had the privilege of being married to the love of her life for almost 10 years. Her two Scottish Terriers and the coffee her husband brings her every morning can get her through any tough day!

Education: MA Clinical Psychology (NWU), MA Research Psychology (NWU)

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