Psychotherapy is collaboration between a psychotherapist and a client (individual, couple, family or group). The purpose of therapy is to enter into a therapeutic journey in a safe and trusting environment where it is possible to deal with issues of a traumatic or psychological nature.
Building the inner strength and facing the trauma and distress of the past, present and anticipated future, the therapist and client are able to rewire, challenge and learn to deal with the life challenges that brought about the search for therapy.

Psychotherapy provides a safe, unbiased and confidential relationship with a trained professional to assess, understand and treat psychological distress, while also providing the opportunity to adjust and release unhealthy habits. Within a space of safety, psychotherapy can facilitate a heightened awareness and a sense of accountability that can add meaning and a sense of purpose to everyday life.

Meet our Therapists

Pauli Geldenhuis

Counselling Psychologist and Trauma Psychotherapist
Founder of Paardevlei Therapy Centre

Areas of focus include:
Adults and Adolescents
Trainer, Supervisor and Group facilitator
Trauma including C-PTSD, PTSD, ACE [Trauma in early childhood], Grief and Bereavement, Depression and Anxiety

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Maria Cloete

Clinical Psychologist and Trauma Psychotherapist

Areas of focus include:
Mood Disorders
Anxiety Disorders
Eating Disorders
Adjustment Problems
Relationship Problems
Identity/ Self-Worth issues
Stress Management/lifestyle
Mindfulness/Spiritual Trauma
Personal Development

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Shaun Helders

Clinical Psychologist

Areas of focus include:
Adults, Adolescents and Couples

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Doreen Hofmeyr

Counselling Psychologist

Areas of focus include:
Working with Adults in the following areas:
Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Phobia’s, Trauma Work, Loss and Grief Work; PTSD, Self-confidence and Assertiveness, Physical / Emotional / Sexual Abuse, Adult ADHD, Social Anxiety, Relationship Issues, Abandonment Issues, Work related Stress and Burnout, Self-esteem and insecurities, Sleep Problems, Work with Pain and Chronic Illness

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Sollie Prinsloo

Counselling Psychologist

Areas of focus include:
Children, Adolescents and Adults

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Philip du Toit

Psychological and Couples Counsellor & Life Coach

Areas of focus include:
Couples, Families, Divorce, Bereavement, Mediation, Facilitation & Life Coaching

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Timo Kriel

Individual and Couples Therapist

Areas of focus include:
Mood disorders
Anxiety disorders
Relationship problems
Interpersonal problems
Assertiveness skills
Communication skills
Adjustment problems
Stress management

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