Working with trauma and its effect on someone’s life has opened a window of exploration for me into the incredible dynamics of survival and the eloquent role attachment plays in this primitive instinct of self preservation and healing growth. I invite you to join me on this fascinating journey of discovery into the primal instinct of connecting in order to survive that we all share.

Why Trauma Counseling

People are often not aware of the journey client and therapist embark on when working with Trauma. It is a delicate journey and asks of both client and therapist to be mindful, grounded, informed, resilient and pro-active every step of the way to ensure successful integration.

Some survivors of ongoing abuse or adverse childhood abuse, not only endure severe mental health issues like complex PTSD, depression and anxiety, but also have life impacting physical health issues, as a result of the ongoing toxic stress. This requires compassionate therapeutic intervention. You do not just get over complex Trauma, it can affect your life and health in ways that profoundly impact life on a daily basis.


The ultimate goal of treatment for Trauma is to foster deactivation of the nervous system (fight/flight/freeze response) and restoration of resilience (flexibility and the ability to bounce back). With this comes the ability to be fully present – instead of being partly stuck in the past – and to respond appropriately in the here and now.


Pauli refers to the therapeutic instruments used in the treatment of Trauma, PTSD, Depression and Anxiety as tools in her toolkit. She firmly beliefs that clients bring their own resources and tools to the therapeutic relationship and her aim is to unlock these resources and combine it with the therapeutic tools she has to offer to deliver a custom made outcome enabling greater resilience, groundedness and capacity to heal and grow.

The tools in her toolkit includes:

  • Hypnotherapy
  • Somatic Experiencing – SE®
  • Brain Working Recursive Therapy – BWRT® Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 Psychobiology and Abolishing Anxiety
  • Tension and Trauma Release Exercises – TRE®
  • Eye Movement Integration – EMI®
  • Solution Focused Therapy – SFT®
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – CBT®
  • Trauma & Attachment Therapy – TAT®
  • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy – DBT®
Pauli Geldenhuis, our Counselling Psychologist and Trauma Psychotherapist.

About the Therapist

Pauli has more than 25 years experience as Psychologist in the academic and public sector as well as private practice. She has dedicated her career to working with Trauma as part of a Multi-Disciplinary team in Private Practice.

Pauli has extensive training in the field of body-mind based Psychotherapy. She received her Body-Mind based Trauma training internationally through institutes in both the USA as well as Europe.

Her expertise includes the highest level in Hypnotherapy, Somatic Experiencing (SE®), Eye-Movement-Integration (EMI®), Trauma and Tension Release Exercises (TRE®), Solution Focused Therapy (SFT®) and Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BWRT®). She definitely has a deep interest and understanding of the body and mind in therapy.



“My daughter and I were involved in a very traumatising attempted car highjack. The actual visceral experience of the noise and the terrible helplessness and fear we found in differing ways very hard to digest and forget.

The slightest movements around the car, and also other quite insignificant incidences led to angst, which we knew was going to take quite some time to lessen. We also experienced sleep problems, headaches and emotionality.   I had previous experience with BWRT which truly was life changing, and I insisted on this therapy immediately. Pauli treated us in a joint session where we each discussed our personal feelings and takes on the experience before the BWRT session. I can without any hesitation say that even the single session managed to remove the angst, nervousness and jumpiness nearly immediately, and now a few months later there is only the memory in a very realistic manner and a reminder for vigilance –  there is no terror or nervousness.  I would without hesitation recommend this treatment after trauma, and working with Pauli is just an absolute privilege and pleasure.”

“I am so grateful to have been referred to Pauli – she’s helped me dig deep and deal with things from so long ago & as things (re)surface she manages all the emotions I go through with a calmness, kindness & a full understanding. She gives me the “tools” to work on myself when I leave the safety of her room & although it gets tough at times, I know she’s always there for me.”

“Pauli has been my rock. She understands my problems like no one ever has. She has a plan for a way forward and doesn’t just listen to me complain, she comes up with solutions that are targeted at the problem because she knows exactly what I’m going through. She also supports me in my journey and the way I process things, never judging, always understanding and providing clarity as to the cause of my responses and reactions. I am extremely happy with her work and the progress we have made together. I wish I could see her every day as her positivity and can do attitude gives me hope that no matter what happens, we can tackle it together.”

“I recently lost my husband in a car accident. A very close friend of mine recommended Pauli as she specifically works with trauma related issues. The moment I met Pauli I resonated with her and she quickly summed me up. Having lost my dad in 2014 there was some work to be done before working through the loss of my husband. Pauli introduced me to BWRT (BrainWorking Recursive Therapy). There was no doubt in my mind that Pauli knew exactly what I needed to be able to authentically say goodbye to my dad first and then eventually to my husband. This therapy changed my life forever. The horrible memory of losing my dad and husband under similar circumstances was wiped out of my memory and a beautiful memory of authentically saying my goodbyes has been left. It has reprogrammed how I react when memories and thoughts of my dad or husband arise as well as the way I will remember them for the rest of my life.
I continue to see Pauli on a regular basis because I absolutely love checking in with her and I regard my mental health as a priority to nurture and improve every day.”

“As someone diagnosed with bipolar mood disorder in my early twenties, I have seen my fair share of therapists. I am in my forties now, and Pauli is the first psychologist to really help me understand the intricate connection between trauma and the body. She designed a treatment plan unique to my needs and have given me hope and practical skills to live a more fulfilled and healthy life.”

EMI and Hypnotherapy in the treatment of Adverse Childhood Trauma, abuse and illness
“I sought therapy because I had a condition called vulvodynia which is painful and according to popular medical articles, incurable. I found 1 article that said some women have experienced some relief with EMI, so I found Pauli and we began the process. The process cured me of vulvodynia and I felt so inspired that I continued and found relief from vaginismus and my aversion to being touched. Suddenly I was capable of being in a relationship again and quickly jumped in, eager to explore my new found freedom. Imagine not being able to be touched for 3 years, this was the most liberating experience of my life!

Because of this, I decided to look into other areas of my trauma and to continue the process. I found EMI to be brilliant because it desensitized me to so many symptoms of my trauma. Issues that were large elements of my life became much smaller and had less negative impact in my life. There’s still lots of work to do as trauma is multi faceted, the symptoms pop up in the strangest of places. But there’s always a solution. We don’t need to remain victims of our life experiences, we can take back control of how we experience life. Gaining autonomy of my own body was so liberating. Fear was no longer controlling it, I was free of that prison and I’d recommend it to anyone.

I see therapy like this, it might be pricey, but you’re investing in your future. You can stay a prisoner of your traumas or you can invest to create a future full of freedoms. It’s like buying a nice car, you’re investing in a luxury item for your pleasure. Investing in the health of your mind is the same concept.”

TRE en kroniese siekte

“‘n Aardbewing het deur my hele wese geruk. Multiple Sclerosis:ek is gediagnoseer met ‘n chroniese, ongeneeslike siekte.

Hier is dít op jou bord, eet dit, gaan maak vrede met dit, verteer dit.

Vir byna twee jaar probeer ek braaf dit doen, ek kan mos, ek het dan al báie op my spyskaart gehad en dit hanteer! Maar die keer vang die item op my spyskaart my en ek besef dit gaan nie verbygaan nie, ek het hulp nodig.

Deur familie en vriende se aanbeveling gebeur dit dat ek gelukkig vir Pauli vra om my tot hulp te wees. Met haar besonderse hulp en begeleiding kon ek begin om dié siekte te hanteer en tog die donker wolk te kon begin skuif… Ek is nog steeds besig, want Pauli het my by haar TRE Groepe betrek en my binneste het weer stadig begin hande klap.

Woorde soos tremors het my oë op vraagtekens laat trek, want dit was vir my baie onbekend. Maar met Pauli se begeleiding daardeur het ek weldra die waarde daarvan begin ontdek; hoe jou liggaam op dié manier van stress en trauma ontslae raak. My geskokte en siek liggaam het dié tye as veilig begin ervaar. ‘n Ruimte waarin Pauli fasiliteer en ek vertroud raak ook met hierdie metode. In hiérdie ruimte, waar ek so veilig voel dat ek nie inkrimp as my oë oorloop nie, want hulle word jou veiligheidsnet, jou ander familie.

Ons stap almal ons eie paadjie, maar soms is dit ‘n goeie wete dat ons ‘n brug vir ‘n ander een is wanneer die pad te moeilik raak.

My pad hier saam Pauli is in ‘n atmosfeer van heling, denke, empatie en ondersteuning.”

Hypnotherapy, TRE and BWRT and chronic illness

“It was delighted to find Pauli last year after a long search for an Integrated and Natural approach for chronic digestive issues and anxiety stemming from both childhood and abusive relationship trauma. Pauli has guided me through TRE releasing deep muscle patterns of stress, tension and trauma calming down the nervous system, Hypnotherapy and BWRT bringing about a very positive change and reducing my anxiety substantially. In conjunction with her wonderful referral to a Phytotherapist to assist with my digestive issues and Osteopath to assist with my structural issues I can honestly say I have not felt so well in many years.”

Psychotherapy and Autism/Aspergers

“For the past year I’ve been working with Pauli to help me deal with the challenges of autism and accompanying anxiety. Pauli is very intuitive to the particular needs of someone on the autism spectrum. She always come prepared to our sessions. Pauli also uses the BWRT technique in our sessions which helps me a lot.”


Treatment is tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual. Medical Aid as well as Private Rates apply. We also apply for Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMB) where applicable. Our practice is contracted in to Medical Aids. We submit claims to the medical aid on your behalf. The private fee can be paid in cash or via EFT.

Sessions are in English or Afrikaans.

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