Physiotherapists work in a wide variety of fields and assist people to find a more effective and efficient way of moving through life, whether it is after an injury, surgery or illness or preventative to enhance wellness and well being.

Therapist Toolkit

Dry needling is a process where thin specialised needles are inserted into specific muscles to release the tension in a muscle, improving mobility of the joint and decreasing pain by stimulating endorphin release in the body. Carel has written a blog about this. Please refer to the blog article for more info on this highly effective treatment approach.

Electrotherapy – Carel also uses complementary treatments to a patient’s condition such as ultrasound, interferential therapy and deep tissue vibrations. All these modalities help the patients’ recovery response also increasing pain threshold and decreasing inflammation.

Tools in his toolkit include:

  • Dry Needling
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Neurotherapy
  • Injury on Duty – IOD
  • Chest physiotherapy
  • Mobilization
  • Home visits

About the Therapist

Physiotherapy assists people to maintain, restore and improve their strength, function movement and overall well-being.

Carel  has been in private practice for 8 years, and 5 years in Helderberg. He has a practical and holistic approach to each unique patient to bring about rehabilitation, improvement of functionality, minimization of pain and facilitating healing. Carel has based his practice on specialised modalities to get the best results out of his patients. These include Dry needling, Electrotherapy, Deep myofascial release and Posture control exercise.



“I was referred to Carel van Aswegen Physiotherapy for chronic neck pain, that also resulted in chronic headache. Carel took me through the whole treatment explaining to me what my condition was, and why I haven’t improved from previous interventions. After two sessions, I could see a significant change in my overall wellbeing. My neck pain has decreased and my headaches have been eradicated.”   ~Susan

“Rushing to the casualties, as I was thinking I am having a heart attack, after being cleared I was referred to Carel. I thought it was strange at first not knowing the association with my chest pain and physiotherapy. After being evaluated by Carel, he explained to me what was really going on and adjusted my posture by specific exercises after loosening up my spine and several specific muscles. I haven’t had an incident again and nor do I feel any chest discomfort after being treated by Carel, and I can highly recommend him.”  ~Pieter


We do submit claims to all medical aids. Alternatively, we have private rates. Please feel free to contact Carel to get a quotation. Cash or card payments accepted.

Consultation hours are Monday- Friday 8am to 5pm.
We do offer home visits.

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To book a consultation please call Carel or send a WhatsApp message at +27 (0) 72 425 0167, or complete the form below and we will contact you to schedule your appointment.